The Best Mind and Emotional Healing Holidays

The Best Mind and Emotional Healing Holidays


As we focus on the latest fitness crazes and packing our diets with superfoods, it can be easy to forget that emotional health is just as important for living a healthy and happy life. Being emotionally healthy is about more than being free of anxiety or depression; it is feeling content with life, creating rewarding relationships and adapting to change. You may not be able to buy happiness, but embarking on a healing holiday can boost your mental well-being and leave you with an improved sense of overall wellness.

Taking control after an emotionally distressing event in your life – be it a break up, loss of a loved one or redundancy – will motivate you to focus on the positives. Giving you the time you need to recover away from pressures at home, these healing retreats are an ideal sanctuary for a singles holiday, where you can focus on breaking the cycle of stress or grief. Alongside wellness consultations and fitness classes, these healing retreats provide a range of sensory spa experiences and wellness consultations, to revitalise your mind and strengthen your emotional well-being.

Thailand: Kamalaya Embracing Change

 Kamalaya Yoga

Discover inner peace with yoga at Kamalaya

Improve your emotional strength and learn to embrace change on this healing holiday in exotic Thailand. Expert wellness consultations will assess your overall well-being, followed by Embracing Change sessions to help turn your emotional behaviours into healthier habits. A relaxing destination for an Ayurveda spa holiday; restore harmony and learn to release stress with the ancient healing traditions of holistic spa therapies. For those looking to heal with the ancient practice of yoga on a yoga retreat; boost your mood during flow yoga sessions before taking a swim at the nearby Lamai Beach, leaving you ready to face anything life throws at you. 

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Kamalaya Embracing Change

India: Shreyas Silent Retreat

 Shreyas meditation

Restore tranquility through meditation at Shreyas

Hidden on the outskirts of Bangalore, for those in search of a restorative meditation retreat this healing holiday provides an atmosphere of complete tranquillity. Utilising the power of silence as a tool for improving your emotional health; outside of meditation sessions, you can choose how silent you want the rest of your stay to be. Focus on flickering flames during candle meditation and combine rejuvenating massages with outdoor yoga classes, strengthening your physical health and supporting your emotional transformation. The tailor made vegetarian menus follow yogic and Ayurvedic principles, to leave your entire being feeling nourished and full of energy.  

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Shreyas Silent Retreat

Bali: REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort

Maya Ubud meditation

Develop positivity in the tranquil surroundings of REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort

Nestled amongst charming island villages, this luxury healing holiday harnesses Bali’s long tradition of holistic wellness to promote recovery and restore well-being. Wake up to yoga and meditation sessions, releasing negative emotions and starting every day with a positive attitude. Offering an eye opening spiritual and holistic retreat experience, enjoy an energising walk to a nearby traditional village will clear your mind, before receiving a fresh perspective on your emotional well-being during a visit to a Balinese healer. Recount your healing holiday experiences to reinforce positive memories and boost feelings of contentment as you relax during a rejuvenating Balinese massage.

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Spain: Shanti Som Healing Retreat

 Healing Shanti Som

Rejuvenate and find peace at Shanti Som

Experience the healing practices of the East on one of our rejuvenating spa holiday at this peaceful wellness retreat in Spain’s tranquil Andalucía region. Gain insight into your emotions on this healing holiday with a soul reading and learn holistic techniques for channelling energy in a healthy way. If you’re struggling to find meaning in your life, meditation and soothing Reiki sessions promote mindfulness and appreciation for all that you have. With daily group yoga classes, this retreat is ideal for growing your circle of friends on a singles yoga holiday, which can improve your emotional well-being. 

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Shanti Som Healing Retreat

Greece: Euphoria Retreat

 Euphoria Retreat

Optimise your brain performance at Euphoria Retreat

Escape to the idyllic Mount Taygetos in its own private pine forest on a healing holiday that will boost your brainpower, attention span and memory. The retreat uses age-old Chinese and Hellenic healing traditions, through these ancient practices they have created a retreat that combines the older belief of balance flow alongside modern scientific medical practices to identify biochemical imbalances. A leading retreat for a transformative stress management holiday, make the most of the scientific concept of Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic Homeostasis Therapy. Developed by Eucrasia, this cuisine is ensured to stimulate your insides, nourishing you and reviving energy throughout the body. 

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Spain: SHA Rejuvenation

 Chiva Som Spa

Restore yourself with relaxing spa therapies at SHA

Discover a haven of tranquillity at this luxury wellness retreat set on the Spanish coastline. On this healing holiday, luxury spa treatments aim to prevent the advance of aging using the latest medical spa technology. A pre-arrival saliva kit assesses the factors impacting on your health and helps to shape your personalised wellness programme, before you even land. A forward thinking wellness retreat for an anti-aging holiday, SHA uses only the best in their healthy aging approach; from macrobiotic nutrition to the latest genetics research. Combined with emotion management sessions, this healing holiday will restore youthfulness in both body and mind. 

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