Spotlight on Men's Health

Whether you’re a man who loves to workout, be pampered or just unwind, our collection of informative articles shines the spotlight on men’s health. From great ways of keeping fit, to how to indulge in the wellness side of life, and how to address typical health problems affecting men. Wellness holidays aren’t just for the ladies – taking a break from an overworked, stressful life is of incredible importance to men’s health in the 21st Century! Luckily, with our advice, you’ll be stronger, happier and healthier in no time.
Explore yoga's benefits for men specifically and enter a whole new world of calm and serenity!
Discover the best fitness holidays for men looking to boost their health by feeling the burn!
Whether you'd well overdue a pamper or want to hone your sporting skills, we have just the holiday for you!
Find out how a meditation retreat could help you to focus on what's really important in your life!

The Best Spa Holidays for Men

From ayurvedic therapies to soothing massages perfect after a day of fitness-fuelled fun or a few rounds of golf - discover our best spa holidays for men!

Dr Clive Williams shines an important light on men's mental health and why we need to be having open conversations about it!
Michael Adu, Wellness Team Manager at Glass House Detox Retreat talks through how to strike a healthy balance between work and looking after your health.
Discover our simple and practical tips for enhancing your wellbeing while you work from wellness expert Angie Newsom.
Explore how a fitness holiday could help you boost your testosterone for health and fertility reasons with our insightful blog!

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